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Hi, I'm Richard!

A Fullstack Software Developer

and Creative Coder




About Me

I am Richard, I am a 19 year old Software Developer and Computer Science Student from the UK. I am currently pursuing a bachelors degree at the University of Lincoln; graduating in 2025.

I like to build accessible and responsive sites, which serve their purpose. I am a very curious; always eager to learn. I have a passion for Design and Innovation because I believe all user experience should be aesthetic and functional. I am also very interested in NLP and Programming Language/ Compiler Development.

Unrelated to my studies I enjoy linguistics; languages and the processes in which they aid communication have always fascinated me!

My Tech Stack

I have tried many different things over time but these are some of my favourite technologies and utilities to use.

Typescript - Cooler Javascript
JS - The interactive parts
React - Javascript Framework
VueJS - A Fun Javascript Framework
HTML - The Bones of a website
CSS - The Styles
SCSS - A CSS Preprocessor
Styled-Components - CSS-in-JS
Next JS - React Framework for production
Django - Fullstack Python Web Framework
Express JS - A Lighter API Framework
GraphQL - An API Query Language

My Blog

See my blog where I discuss my thoughts and teach others while solidifying my own knowledge.

Making my own CSS Framework

How I got to building my own CSS Framework
and why you should too!

My Web Development Process

My Process of going from idea, to design, to code.

Some more important skills.

I can center a div.

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